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Alternative Treatment For Lung Cancer – Wortman Grape Diet

Alternative Treatment For Lung Cancer

Thanks to the internet, people have a huge opportunity to learn so much about different treatments that would not be possible otherwise. Of course, you really have to know where to look and where to research, but the opportunity is there for everyone.

For example, any person with an Internet connection and a computer can research alternative treatments for lung cancer and find very effective treatments.

Wortman grape diet

This is a very interesting and simple way of treating various types of cancer. Fred Wortman of Albany, Georgia, developed a bowel malignancy that was inoperable, leaving him facing long-term radiation treatments. But since Mr Wortman was a wide reader, he remembered a very simple cancer treatment. Basically, he made this medicine simpler by reducing it to its basics.

This treatment was able to cure lung cancer in just 2 weeks and prostate cancer lasted about a month. Mr Wortman suggested drinking 24 oz. of (dark concord) grapefruit in the morning. One should swallow a few times every 10-15 minutes. He also said not to eat before noon and not to swallow it whole.

After noon, you should live your life as normal, except not to eat after 8:00 PM. Food apparently does not allow grape juice to treat cancer as effectively. This should be maintained for 2 weeks to a month.

This is certainly a very interesting treatment that is not at all dangerous and anyone can try it to see how effective it really is. Obviously, organic grapes have a much better effect than non-organic grapes, so the better the quality of the grapes, the better the chance. While not nearly as effective as Mr. Wortman claimed, it’s definitely worth a try.

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