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Eating Habits in Astrology

Eating Habits in Astrology

The habit of eating a certain diet of an indigenous person is influenced by his social, cultural, religious, economic, environmental and political characteristics. It refers to the way and manner of eating and the quantity and quality of food.

From astrology, you can judge the eating habits of anyone by carefully examining their horoscope.

Factors affecting eating habits are:

Ascendant: shows similarity to the general trend.

The second house: shows common food and drinking habits.

House / King 6: displays the equal of food.

Different types of food:


Malefic Ascendant/Moon features in the birth graph indicate tricky eating ways that can principal to weight loss.

Jupiter placed on a steep slope shows a tendency to overeat.

Mars, with a strong relationship to the ascendant and its lord, shows a tendency towards hot drinks like tea, coffee, etc., similarly to spicy foods.

House 2:

If the king of the 2nd house is a profitable planet and placed in a good place, the native will eat in small quantities.

If the king of the 2nd house is a male and influenced by a male, the native will eat a lot.

If the 2nd house king is benefic and is considered a male or vice versa, the native will be a middle eater.

If the 2nd king is in its sign/exaltation/considered benefic, the native will eat comfortably.

Lord of 2nd is included in Aries/Cancer/Libra/Capricorn or if the benefic planets include the 2nd house the native will eat very fast.

Malefic place/aspect 2nd house, the native will eat very little.

Rahu influences 2nd house and shows vegetarian eating habits.

House 6:

Jupiter / Mercury placed in the 6th house shows a tendency toward foods with high salt content.

Powerful Jupiter placed in 2/10 house shows love for sweet things.

Venus / Mars placed in the 6th house shows the similarity of sour food.

The combination of Venus and Mercury shows a fascination with delicious food.

Jupiter and Venus touching the 6th house show a tendency towards delicious food.

Taurus is the 6th sign indicating an inclination towards rice and potatoes.

Leo being the 6th sign in the horoscope shows love for non-vegetarian food.

Mercury, associated with malevolence, shows a lack of appetite.

Eating habits according to ascendant signs:

Aries: They are extremely impatient. They are often in a hurry and anxious. They love of hot drinks like tea, coffee, etc. They often have abnormal eating habits that can disturb their digestive system.

Taurus: native born in this sign as a traditional food and energy food. They like rice, potatoes and other foods high in carbohydrates. They like to eat salads and other healthy foods.

Gemini eats small portions of food. They love snacks and appetizers. They often do other activities while eating, such as watching TV, reading books, chatting, etc. They usually eat before going to bed. They drink a lot of water.

Cancer: due to their fragile stomach and digestive system, they are very careful when choosing food. They are weak to alcohol and wine. They love tasty food; therefore they become obese over time. Their diet is naturally low in calcium.

Leo: have normal and frugal eating habits. Because of their tall digestive systems, they often needed more food and water. They usually eat very quickly. They like colleagues or relatives to eat. They prefer warm soups and snacks. They should check fatty and spicy foods in their heart-healthy diet.

Virgo: They know life well. Their diet is full of nutritional principles. Because of their slow metabolism, they often gain weight easily. They should dodge overeating and using fatty foods. They should include spicy products and drugs in the menu.

Libra: They are very conscious of their weight. They have a weakness for delicious food. The taste and presentation of food is important to them. They love fragrant cooked food. They include a lot of vegetables in the menu. Their immune system can be affected by bad eating habits.

Scorpio: as a water sign, they may indulge in overeating due to stress and anxiety. They should control their alcohol intake and choose smaller meals rather than overeating.

Sagittarius: they are very conscious of their health. Because of their insistence, they ate very speedily. They tend to be overweight. They should avoid excessive amounts of alcoholic products to prevent skin and liver damage. Their diet should include water, high protein and dairy products.

Capricorns: they know health and do not compromise on their eating habits. They pay devotion to the value of the food rather than the amount. They always choose their snacks and don’t want much with their food. They don’t like different eating behaviour. They should comprise extra protein and calcium in their diet for healthful bones, teeth and skin.

Aquarius: Usually eats less and transfers more to low-calorie foods. They have little interest in food. They will not eat enough food during the day and rely heavily on light meals. They love coffee and tea. They were never sick because of their unusual diet plans and lack of thinking

Fish: have feeding habits that vary according to circumstances. They like a varied menu of meals. They often have a low metabolism and sluggish digestion; therefore, they should avoid excessive amounts of salt and alcohol. They should drink extra water to flush out toxins and include iron-rich foods in their diet.

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